Topical CBD Products
for Pain and Soreness

Topical CBD Products for Pain & Soreness

Many people turn to CBD primarily for its musculoskeletal benefits. Hemp extract is widely regarded as a natural anti-inflammatory product that does not contain harsh NSAIDs like many leading medications. Hemp is well-known for its muscle-soothing properties, and topical application delivers all of the benefits rapidly directly to the affected area. Whether you are reluctant to add an oral supplement to your routine or simply want targeted and rapid relief, topical hemp extract is a great way to speed the recovery process.

female cyclist touching her lower back as if in pain

I am obsessed with the iKOR topical. My legs have been super smashed lately trying to keep up the intensity in my training for road races alongside preparations for a half marathon.


I feel a remarkable improvement in the soreness almost immediately after applying the iKOR topical.


It’s amazing!

Leah Thorvilson

Professional Endurance Athlete

What is Muscle Soreness?

You’ve probably heard that lifting weights and other strenuous activities essentially “tear” your muscles, causing them to repair that damage and grow larger and denser than before. This is entirely true—the reason your muscles are sore after a hard workout is that they are repairing themselves from microtears. Your body’s natural response to strenuous activity is inflammation, which is a beneficial process, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t uncomfortable or inconvenient!

Reduces Soreness to Enhance Recovery

One of the primary functions of everything from ibuprofen to CBD is to reduce your body’s inflammation so you don’t feel as sore. Using topicals delivers rapid relief to the site of soreness, allowing you to pinpoint pain and get back to peak performance quicker than you thought possible.

CBD for Pain and Inflammation

Recent clinical studies on the pain relieving effects of CBD show that it may be effective for treating pain from regular soreness and inflammation to complex disease-related symptoms. High-quality hemp extract brings the full spectrum of hemp’s healing properties to those looking to relieve pain and soreness associated with repeated use, training, and everyday ailments. Whether you’re looking to push the envelope in your athletic training or struggle with overuse soreness from daily activity, topical CBD treatments are a great way to provide your body with natural relief.

FDA Disclosure

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