By Jayme Mechur

May 27, 2020

Racing may be canceled for the time being, but bikes ARE NOT. As we move into summer and the itch to keep moving grows along with the temps, recommitting to your bike is a great way to make this a summer to remember. It has been proven that regular activity helps relieve stress and reduce anxiety, now more than ever it’s vital to keep your activity going. Sometimes it is important to be reminded of the details for why we love riding bikes.

Why Cycling

• Cycling allows us to be outside soaking up Vitamin D

• Cycling brings us joy, and joy decreases stress

• Cycling can produce dopamine, serotonin, and cannabinoids

• Cycling is rhythmic and meditative

• Cycling is a great way to be social while staying physically distant


Did you know that all three of iKOR’s products can work in tandem with cycling to enhance the positive effects?

The Daily

When taken regularly, this highly bioavailable supplement promotes deeper, more restful sleep. Increased sleep can decrease mental stress and anxiety.

The Topical Warming Relief

This magical product combines over half a dozen natural ingredients to naturally decrease inflammation and soothe aches and pains. Use as much or as little, as often as you like.

The Recovery Shot

Our proprietary formulation of tart cherry, full-spectrum hemp extract, hyaluronic acid, beet juice, raspberry juice, turmeric root, ginger root helps to lessen the effects of inflammation and oxidative stress due to everything from cycling to yard work. Want to boost your workout? Take one during your ride. Looking to increase your sleep score? Take one an hour before bed and wake up fresh.

Disclaimer: Supplements are great tools to help aid in decreasing daily stress and anxiety. It’s important to stay active and get outside when possible as it helps release endorphins. Many of the things listed above are great tools to incorporate into your daily routine. Human connections are also key. Should you not be able to hang out with friends during these times, reach out, call, video chat, etc. We’re all in this together and helping motivate each other is a great way to keep moving forward.