By Team iKOR

August 31, 2020

It's a crazy new world we find ourselves in, but you're same incredible person and nothing is stopping you from being your best.

As you know, our goals are simple. Move for 30 minutes a day, every day, for 21 days. A handful of days in and the struggle is real, so we have put together some tips to help you keep going strong.

1. Create Realistic Goals

Admit it, we all get overly excited in December.

“I’m going to lose 25 pounds”
“I’m going to workout every day!”
“I’m going to save $10,000 this year.”
“I’m going to quit sugar.”

While all fantastic goals, for most people any one of these is equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest. Having a lofty goal is more than okay, in fact, it can be inspirational, but it can also be self-defeating if it is too far out of reach. It is important to create goals that are achievable. Now that we are a few days in, it is more okay to pause, review, and reboot.

2. Pre-Plan

We all know how the saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail!”

This could not be more appropriate for our New Year goal setting. Set yourself up each day by planning to succeed. If your goal is to eat healthier, meal plan the day before so you aren’t caught off guard and forced to make a tough decision. If your goal is to read more, set your book out next to your bed, and consider setting an alarm that notifies you when you are 30 minutes before bedtime. If fitness if your goal, joining a new gym, signing up for that fitness class the night before, or even creating a playlist that will take you through your morning workout will all help keep you excited and on track.

3. Track your progress

This is a big one. Visual cues can help us see how far we have come when the going gets tough. Put up a calendar (we recommend a full month) and track the activity you have done for that day in service of your goal. Any step, no matter how big or small, is worth making it on the board. All forward progress counts!

4. Create a rewards system

The fun stuff! We all deserve positive reinforcement when we achieve a milestone, this process is no different. Create milestones along your journey that deserve rewards. Maybe it’s a date night. Or the new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. Maybe you’re just being careful to make sure your reward doesn’t derail your progress and set you back!

5. Make your goals public

Accountability. Positive reinforcement. Support. Friends and family are here to support us and lift us up when times get tough, it is important to let them. Tell your circle what your goals are, they will no doubt remind you why you started this journey and reinvigorate your motivation to keep going.

6. Create a mantra

Simply put, “a mantra is statement or slogan that we repeat frequently”. This can be a word, a few words, or a whole phrase, designed to inspire and motivate. Mantras should be personal and spark true meaning for you, they don’t have to serve anyone else.

7. Make it fun

No one likes to do chores all day long, so don’t let your resolutions feel that way. If activity is your goal, take it outside and mix up the scenery. If nutrition is your goal, try a cooking class. If spending more time with family is your focus, gather your crew and head to an escape room. Mix in some fun, it will make it easier to do it all over again tomorrow.

8. Be okay with road bumps

We all stumble, that’s part of the beauty that makes us human. Don’t worry when you hit a rough patch, use it as a learning opportunity. Why did you slide backward? What is causing you to struggle? Are there any adjustments you can make to better set yourself up for success moving forward?

9. Bring an accountability buddy on board

Life is better when shared! Friends motivate us, they inspire us, and sometimes they give us the kick we need when we want to sleep through an early alarm. If motivation has started to wane, ask one of your friends to join your journey. It’s almost impossible to skip a 5 am training session if you know someone else is waiting for you.

10. Trust yourself

There is no doubt you are capable of achieving any goal you set, remind yourself of that every day. Trust in hard work, trust in the process, and most importantly, trust in yourself.

Disclaimer: Supplements are great tools to help aid in decreasing daily stress and anxiety. It’s important to stay active and get outside when possible as it helps release endorphins. Many of the things listed above are great tools to incorporate into your daily routine. Human connections are also key. Should you not be able to hang out with friends during these times, reach out, call, video chat, etc. We’re all in this together and helping motivate each other is a great way to keep moving forward.