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iKOR Recovery Shot

The all-new iKOR Recovery Shot™ is our most complete recovery product yet. Formulated specifically to aid in recovery after hard workouts, our formulation combines clean vapor-distilled full-spectrum hemp extract with tart cherry juice, turmeric, ginger, ashwagandha, and other herbal extracts to support your body’s natural repair processes.

In addition to all the benefits of CBD, the Recovery Shot™ uses many of our favorite natural ingredients to fight inflammation, reduce free radicals, and deliver effective healthy all-over relief. The Recovery Shot™ is designed to be absorbed by your body quickly to fight off inflammation and free radicals. More natural than NSAIDs, more complete than plain hemp extract, and higher quality than most CBD products, the Recovery Shot™ is the ultimate athlete-minded solution for recovery and relief. We believe that recovery formulations with targeted recipes and concentrated ingredients are the most effective way to use the benefits of full-spectrum hemp for athletes.

Vapor-distilled full-spectrum hemp extract preserves the full array of beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant, which ensures that you receive the maximum amount of benefits that research shows are available from CBD and its entourage compounds. Ashwagandha is one of the most revered herbs in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and its cortisol-reducing properties are an excellent complement to the benefits of iKOR’s Recovery Shot™. Tart cherry juice is also shown to reduce inflammation and speed the muscle repair process, which means our three top ingredients are all working together to make your workouts hurt less, recovery times quick giving you a greater athletic benefit.

After a workout I immediately take the iKOR Recovery Shot™, and it works magnificently. It helps to hammer down the inflammation caused from the training. I have very positive outcomes when I use the Recovery Shot.

Chris Leiferman

3x Ironman Winning Professional Triathlete

The Recovery Shot™ Tart Cherry juice base, makes it easy to quickly load up on the best natural remedies for inflammation. iKOR is passionate about creating products that help athletes perform their best and achieve their goals, so our formulations use all of our favorite natural ingredients. We have mastered the CBD extraction process and source the highest-quality American farmed hemp, but for the Recovery Shot™ (and our Warming Relief Topical), we paired vapor-distilled, liposomally encapsulated full-spectrum hemp with other ingredients to create the most complete and effective recovery product on the market.

Many of our athletes have already shared the recovery benefits they experience with the Recovery Shot™, and participants at the recent RAGNAR Snowmass Trail Relay had the opportunity to try it out, too. Starting today, you can get the Recovery Shot™ and start training harder and recovering faster.

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