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Looking to Improve Your Performance While Calming Your Mind?

Pre-race anxiety is a real challenge for a lot of athletes, regardless of how many years they have been competing. Cannabidiol, often referred to as CBD, is a compound present in hemp plants. Scientific evidence suggests hemp CBD might be a powerful treatment when it comes to alleviating anxiety. For everything from trying to fall asleep the night before a big event to feeling nagging anxiety that won’t go away with exercise alone, athletes are often far too familiar with the struggles associated with anxiety.

Here are the reasons many athletes are now using CBD for anxiety relief.

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Chris Leiferman

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CBD Alleviates Pre-Race Jitters

Do you love and dread race day?

So many athletes know the agony of training, tapering, and getting nervous before leaving it all out on the course. If your nerves are getting the best of you, or are seriously impacting your quality of life or performance, it’s worth exploring the anxiety-relieving properties of hemp extract.

CBD is shown to promote relaxation. A growing body of research demonstrates the game-changing potential of hemp CBD when it comes to treating anxiety. Regulating your endocannabinoid system (ECS) can help your mind and body achieve homeostasis, which is important to feel relaxed in mind and body. And CBD can help your body regulate itself when external factors seem to throw it off.

CBD Improves Sleep

When you’re anxious before a big event, your body and mind are working on overdrive. It’s not easy being at the top of your game. Everyone experiences occasional stress, but athletes often put themselves through more physical and mental stress than the average person. This can lead to those miserable situations when your body is exhausted, but you lay in bed wide awake.

Research indicates Cannabidiol may help our bodies get deeper sleep by reducing our stress levels. If you’re an athlete who wants to keep your stress levels in check and recover as quickly as possible, then you know how important a good night’s rest is. Hemp extract may give you the rest you need.

CBD Enhances Focus and Concentration

No matter how many times you’ve gone through your pre-race routine or practiced relaxing after a full day of work and workouts, once that feeling of butterflies hits your stomach and your heart is pounding, it’s difficult to calm down and get the sleep you need or even to focus on your breathing, pace, or bike handling.

CBD is shown to reduce stress levels by helping you feel less anxious. There is also a clear connection between CBD and increased focused and clarity. Every year, more scientific evidence is published supporting the calm, focused state the CBD induces. Whether you’re looking to shake your nerves before a big event or you simply want more relaxed sleep at night, hemp extract can help.

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