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A Combo to Dream About

A Combo to Dream About

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Stress and anxiety weigh heavier at night. All the craziness from earlier in the day, and the thought of what is ahead tomorrow come together for a perfect storm of tosses and turns. After staring up at the ceiling counting the hours of sleep you have wasted, your anxiety only increases. How can I present at that meeting tomorrow, or push through my interval workout, without much sleep? We have ALL been there.

Sleep can significantly impact your emotional well-being and physical development. It is the pinnacle of self-care. Athletes often have a harder time evaluating their sleep and have more factors impeding their quality of sleep – training schedules, added performance stressors, and overtraining [1].

A Current Sports Medicine Report study indicates that “increased sleep duration and improved sleep quality in athletes are associated with improved performance and competitive success [2].” If that wasn’t enough to encourage you to prioritize you sleep, a night of better night sleep can also reduce your risk of injury and illness. Sleep can help or hamper your performance. You owe it to the hours you have dedicated to training to give it some attention.

Wish there was a team that could help you rest your head more soundly every night? Well, there is. Studies have shown the positive impacts provided by weighted blankets for those with ADD, Autism, PTSD, insomnia, and anxiety [3]. When combined with the anti-anxiety and improved sleep properties of CBD, it can help reduce the static that keeps you lying awake at night. Sign us up!

Weighing In

Weighted blankets provide deep pressure stimulation that simulates a hug. The pressure helps you feel more secure and settles the nervous system, releasing serotonin and melatonin [4]. This science isn’t new. A weighted blanket works the same way as swaddling a newborn. The feeling of security helps them fall asleep quicker. This idea isn’t just reserved for humans. Pet owners can outfit their furry ones with weighted vests or blankets to ease the trauma caused by thunderstorms and fireworks.

Weighted blankets come in a variety of weights – not to mention fun patterns and colors. To provide the accurate amount of pressure, it is recommended that the blanket be between 8-12% of your body weight. Which would mean a 150 pound person should use a 15 pound blanket.

There are no negative side effects and no barriers to entry. It’s a blanket, not a prescription sleep aid. What are you weighting for?

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Daily Dose

Inflammation and anxiety are factors that often reduce quality and duration of sleep. Including a daily dose of 18 milligrams of full-spectrum hemp extract in your routine provides a natural source of recovery enhancing properties that can ease the mental and physical stressors that might be impeding your sleep recovery cycle [5].

Look for a full-spectrum, highly bio available hemp extract. Doing this will ensure the good properties are easier for your body to absorb and able to provide the most benefit. Unlike a sleeping aid, CBD should be included as a daily supplement versus a last minute need. When taken daily, your body will see the benefits compounded over time.

Sweet Dreams

Training is approached from multiple angles. You eat healthy to fuel each adventure. You cross train to ensure maximum fitness. You push yourself to the limit by tackling your overall health inside and outside. You should be thinking about recovery in the same way. CBD is the anti-inflammatory fuel for your recovery, and the weighted blanket is the delicious snooze button for your muscles. Reducing anxiety, inflammation, and aiding sleep from the inside and out.

Whether you’re in a constant battle at bedtime, or have a few rough nights mid-week when the pressures of daily life build up, this dream team will have you counting hours of sleep longer than you’ll be counting sheep.

It is now totally appropriate to get into your pajamas.

FDA Disclosure

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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