Libby Caldwell

Professional Snacker, Dog Whisperer, Wheeled Fun Guru

The trails behind my childhood house are famed, but growing up they were merely part of my backyard. Fairfax California is mountain biking’s birthplace but to me, it is just home.

In high school I started racing mountain bikes in the NorCal High School Mountain Bike League, the intense competition and camaraderie had me hooked instantly!

I started racing on the road in college and decided that college was the perfect time to try being a professional athlete because academia wasn’t challenging enough  (cue intense sarcasm). I loved racing at a high level on various road teams throughout college, but it was the UC Santa Cruz collegiate team that felt like family and really fostered my love for the sport.

Now that I’m back in the  Bay Area it seems natural to transition back to my roots on the dirt. I’ll be racing a mix of gravel and mountain bike events this year and couldn’t be more excited about the new challenges off-road racing poses.

I look forward to the dusty, loose fire roads and the sloppy, slippery trails, and of course all the post-race donuts I can eat!

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