Managing Ongoing Anxiety

How to Incorporate Yoga Principles into your Training Program


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Written by Jayme Mechur

Written by Gretchen K. Boswell

Life can be stressful all of the time, but throw in the current state of affairs and for some of us it can just be too much. It can hard to admit publicly, but if you are struggling please know that you are not alone. I struggle with anxiety and panic disorder. It took me a LONG time to say that, but now that I have it has been so freeing. It has been years now, and I am at peace with this part of my life. Knowing this might be a new normal for some people in the coming weeks, I wanted to share some tried and true tips that have been compiled over the years. What works for you? Please comment below!

Disclosure: If you have a serious issue or are considering self harm, please call 911 right away.

Niyamas - Personal Guidelines

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