Dad Wants iKOR!
Give dad the gift of restful nights, stress free days, and joints
that don't ache as much.

With an iKOR gift card, dad can shop whenever he likes.
Rumor has it we might be having a sale this weekend!
Dad Wants iKOR!

Give dad the gift restful nights, anxiety free days, and joints that don't ache as much.

Rumor has it we might even be having a sale this weekend!
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iKOR Strava Club

Be a part of the official iKOR Labs Strava Club for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and all-around folks who want to do what moves them.

iKOR Livestream: The Connected Project

The Connected Project

We at iKOR want to create a sense of connectedness in a time of uncertainty. Like yourselves, we thrive on attending events and being around others. With many events around the globe being postponed or canceled and shelter-in-place ordinances enacted, we look at these livestreams as a way to fill part of that void. We invite you to escape for just a bit when you tune in or as you watch a previously recorded broadcast.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Positive.

Thursday, June 11 - 12:00pm MST

Dr. Andy Pruitt & Travis McKenzie

The Connected Projects’s Dynamic Duo

Join us as we get to know the dynamics duo, Dr. Andy Pruitt & Travis McKenzie, the charismatic, entertaining, and knowledgeable co-host of The Connected Project. Dr. Pruitt and Travis will interview each other and answer questions from you, the viewers. Something you want to know about these two? Let us know by leaving a comment.
i Am. iKOR.
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Latoya Shauntay Snell

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Hillary Allen



“After a workout, I immediately take the iKOR Recovery Shot, and it works magnificently. It helps hammer down the inflammation caused from training. I have very positive outcomes when I use the Recovery Shot.”

Chris Leiferman running

“When I started using iKOR regularly I would sleep a lot better. When [I] travel, I [adjust to] a new time zone a lot quicker.  From the sporting standpoint, I just feel like I recover better than your average [40+] year old.”

Crowie smiling in iKOR gear

“Recovery is the key. After a big day’s training, I try to get my protein shake in, try to eat, do my stretching…But when I’ve got iKOR, it’s just a whole other level of recovery.  There’s nothing I’ve used before that you can compare it to.”

Tim Don holding iKOR Daily Supplement



“I can 100% say that I feel a difference when I’m using iKOR’s CBD Hemp Extract.”

Testimonial image from social media user @mmlarose


“I need to take a minute and express how thankful I am for the @ikorlabs Performance CBD Hemp Extract. I’ve been taking this before bed & feel so much more rested.”

iKOR social media testimonial image from @sdlogg


“So impressed with how I felt post-ride using @ikorlabs Recovery Shot.”

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